Ductless Split System

Ductless systems (aka mini splits, aka mini-shwinnies, aka mini-masters) have been gaining ground in the past few years for good reason. Famous for being quite, efficient, and extremely effective these new ductless systems take up little-to-no space because they do not have the traditionally associated duct work.


If you live in a home that does not have enough space for duct work, a ductless system can be your game-changing alternative.  Ductless systems work similar to your standard air conditioner but instead of having duct work running throughout your home, the ductless system utilizes one outdoor condenser unit and multiple indoor air handlers to keep you feeling your best.

Trying to turn up the heat? Not only can the mini-swhinnie cool you down in those hot summer months but it can also keep you warm when the temperature starts to drop in the fall.


Here's a secret: everything needs maintenance. Cars need oil changes and even low-maintenance plants need love. Air conditioning systems are no different. Taking the extra step of maintaining your unit lengthens it's life and catapults your ROI by like, a jillion. (Ok, maybe not exactly a jillion, but you get the point.)  Annual maintenance is vital to ensuring the longevity, and efficiency of your new system. 

Health conscious?  Have fur babies? Love having the whole family over for dinner weekly?  We can help you find a maintenance plan that fits your life.  If you are ready for your next maintenance check, give us a call.  We will take good care of you.