Heat Pump Installation

Among South Florida residents one the most popular units that we install are Heat Pumps. Heat Pumps are efficient and highly effective; providing both heating and cooling options with the flip of a switch.

So why a heat pump? 

  1. Versatility: Heat pumps regulate temperature through water, and come equipped with reversing valves, meaning that with the flip of a switch you can go from heating to cooling your home. The reversing valves, change the direction of the refrigerant flow throughout the heat pumps system.

  2. Efficiency: Contrary to the name, Heat Pumps do not actually produce their own heat. Instead they cool by using water to extract heat or introduce heat, with the final outcome being your desired temperature.  In turn this system saves the homeowner hundreds of dollars on annual cooling and heating for the home. 

  3. Cost: A heat pump can also eliminate the need to have a two-part HVAC operating system. Rather than owning an air handler and condenser, like traditional split systems,  a stand alone heat pump (they do exist) can, and will, show up and show out.

Heat Pump Replacement

Thinking of making the switch over to a heat pump? Considering replacing the one you currently have?

One reason to consider making the switch is the cost of repairs. Say your current unit is constantly breaking down, frequently repaired, or crying out for help; it might be time for a change. Frequent repairs mean your system is not operating efficiently. Worse it could end up costing you more than your current system is worth. A new model with updated technology will cost less to operate and repair, and in most cases, help you keep some of your hard-earned dollars in your pocket. 

If you think its time to replace your unit, you might be correct but it doesn't hurt to call the experts and get a professional opinion. At Freaks of Air we value our clients and will never recommend a replacement you do not need.