Pipefitting& Welding 

Calling all Building Managers, General Contractors, & Air Conditioning Contractors

We know you know what pipefitting is, so we won’t waste your time with a description.  Instead we’ll get straight to the point. 


General Contractors (GCs):  We recognize the universal need for honest, quality, and responsible work. In truth, you already have a ton to manage.  From client expectations, to schedules, to materials, to equipment, to subs, and even sub-subs: your list goes on and on.  


Because of this we built a team of elite pipe fitters fully committed to your success, and providing you with the best finished product.  Ready to help you at any stage of your project, we can quote, fabricate, assemble, and install piping for gas, steam, water, ventilation, and sometimes even chemical systems.

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AC Contractors (CACs): As our brothers and sisters in this industry we appreciate every opportunity to collaborate with you.  Pipefitting is no exception.  If you are currently taking on contracting work but want to expand the scope of your services, teaming up with a mechanical contractor is a surefire way to succeed. Don’t want to expand  your services? Struggling to keep up with the tsunami of work coming your way? We can still help by being your go-to for surplus support. We are equally committed to your success and the success of your projects. Interested in learning how we can help you? Call us today!

Building Managers (BM): In some cases the building and system you are managing is brand new, and maybe only needs maintenance.  In most cases however, the systems and building assigned to you are both aged, and in desperate need of repair or replacement. 


This is where Freaks of Air comes in. We can help you get a grasp of your system’s current condition regardless of where you might find yourself.  If you notice an unusual spike in service calls within your building, it may be time to get your system checked by us. Skilled in service, repair, retrofitting, and new installations, our team of freaks is dedicated to solving problems, and keeping your building running at it's best. Ready to take the next step? Call us today!

Fully committed to your success and the success of your project