Our commitment to our community

Why do you donate 5% of your profits to students in need?

When we started Freaks of Air, we had a few goals:  Get rich or die tryin’. (Just kidding


  1. Offer an alternative to the unreliable and underwhelming AC services that were available to us.

  2. Create a space where team members, clients, and partners could feel safe and develop.

  3. Build a team that could solve problems instead of creating them.  

In our effort to meet goal #3, we work with local high schools, technical centers, and community colleges to train and educate the next generation of leaders in our industry with the goal of bringing knowledge and expertise to their communities.   

Dedicated to serving you. Committed to paying it forward.

How do you calculate the impact of your scholarship program? 

Great question! Even though we are still in our first year of business, we are rapidly approaching our very first scholarship award (JUNE 2021).  While we cannot calculate the impact today, we are working to serve our community so that we can pay it forward by awarding scholarships to underprivileged and underrepresented students who are actively working to improve their tomorrows. These scholarships can be applied to tuition, books, room & board, and other things paramount to academic success.  Coupled with the scholarship, we offer a 90-day internship where recipients can further strengthen their skills and resumes. Learning first hand through a syllabus of experiences, what it takes to work and thrive in our industry.


Want to learn more? Interested in donating directly to the scholarship fund? Interested in nominating a student or applying yourself? Excellent! We are happy to share our mission with you and invite you to call us or email us at any time.