uv germicidal light

Another major component of the Freaks of Air purification system is the use of an ultra violet germicidal light that is attached to the inside of your air conditioning unit. In addition, to the use of antimicrobial filters one of the most effective ways to remove the bacteria floating around in your home is by removing the bacteria and viruses from your duct work. Your duct work circulates the air throughout your home but also circulates dust, viruses, and allergens in the process.

UV germicidal light? please explain

Let's start form the beginning.  

An ultraviolet light is a wavelength that as humans we cannot see, but is always present when you step outside. Think about the sun. When you go to the beach and get a tan or a sunburn, it's caused by ultra violet light. Why? Because you are directly exposed to it. UV light can cause damage to cells, this ultraviolet superpower is what the UV Germicidal Light uses to annihilate the microorganisms. Designed to attack the cell structure of bacteria, allergens, and viruses, UV lights work to destroy every foe that passes through the light.

"Wait, will a UV light in my home have an effect on me as well? "

Actually, it won't. Both the concentration of the UV light and location (hidden away in your air conditioning unit, inside your AC closet or duct work) make it safe for you and your home. UV itself is small, so even though it will not affect you like a day a the beach will, it will eliminate any bacteria, or allergens it comes into contact with.

If you think the addition of an ultra violet germicidal light is a good fit for you and your home, give us a call and ask us about our service and air purification special.